Andwell Connect is leading the way, bringing electrical vehicle charging stations to Central Washington.


Add value to your business / property

Add value to your business and property with a future-proof method of drawing in customers. Retail stores, hotels, workplaces, hospitals, schools, and even multi-dwelling units can benefit from electrical vehicle charging stations, providing customers with the option to charge up, visit your location while they wait, and keep coming back.


charging stations

Our innovative technology integrates with dozens of charging hardware, so our clients have their choice of charging stations. Through Andwell Connect’s products, you can discover our electrical vehicle charging station partners.


Rest assured, your station will run effortlessly. We deliver valuable rebates, intuitive management tools, and premium repair services. Whether you are in the first steps of installation or need a repair, we offer comprehensive support every step of the way.

Smartphone App

The EV Connect App is an all-inclusive platform that allows clients and drivers a user-friendly electrical vehicle charging station experience. Completing over 1 million transactions a year, our app enables drivers to locate and access charging stations, easily pay for services, and a host of perks to make each charge quick and efficient.

Charging as a Service

Andwell Connect strives to deliver clients an easy transition into a lucrative future. Our Charging as a Service membership provides clients with a comprehensive, turnkey solution that includes equipment, installation, software, maintenance, and driver support under an affordable monthly payment. Clients benefit from lower upfront costs, predictable expenses, and low-risk investing.


Increase Property Value, Income, & Customers

As a savvy property owner or manager, you can increase your property value and income with electrical vehicle charging stations. Available to you are valuable rebates from state and utility programs, making the barrier to entry an affordable investment with a high return. As an approved vendor for dozens of utilities across the USA, Andwell Connect manages the entire process for you. With over ten years in the industry, we provide a hassle-free experience backed by our premium 24/7 customer support. Gain a future-proof income, increased property value, and access to repeat customers today!


Phone app

Our EV Connect App enables drivers to quickly locate, access, and pay for EV charging services. The app includes user-friendly features that define each EV charging station by location, station ID, availability, power level, and accessibility.


Connect with Andwell Connect

Through our proven management platform, our clients optimize EV charging by seamlessly connecting to utilities, businesses, organizations, charging stations, and drivers. To add value to your business or property with an electrical vehicle charging station, contact Andwell Connect today.