Charging as a service

Andwell Connect’s Charging as a Service (CaaS) is a turnkey opportunity for businesses and property owners to add reliable income to their property for as little as $100 per port per month.


Add value to your business / property

Our Charging as a Service package offers clients a comprehensive package of charging equipment, installation, software, maintenance, and driver support for a simple monthly payment.

Easily Find, Access, and securely pay for EV Charging

Minimal Upfront Costs

Rather than paying the high upfront costs of traditional charging stations, Andwell Connect offers our clients a low monthly fee to access our charging infrastructure.

Consistent Expenses

Andwell Connect offers operational and maintenance services as a part of our monthly subscription to limit out-of-pocket expenses. You never have to worry about high repair costs if something goes wrong; instead, you can enjoy a predictable expense with no surprises.

Low Risk Investment

Many business ventures come at high risk, with most businesses failing within the first five years. Andwell Connect mitigates that risk by keeping overhead to a minimum, offering remote station monitoring, dispensing maintenance, providing secure network operations, and supplying driver support technology.

Technology Upgrades

As technology evolves, our charging stations become more efficient. However, that doesn’t mean your station will go obsolete. With each contract term, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your station to the latest and greatest.

What’s Included?

Charging as a Service – Get Started with as Little as $100 a Month
You can secure a profitable, stable future for your property with as little as $100 per port per month. Our low monthly plans allow clients to add charging as a service to their property with ease while avoiding steep upfront capital expenses. To better understand your charging station options, our experts will work with you to identify your best interests and the solution to your business’s goals.

Contact Andwell Connect to learn more about how we can bring value to your property.

  • Site Assessment
  • Certified Level 2 Charging Stations
  • Installation and Station Commissioning
  • Incentive Program Approved Software
  • Andwell Connect Driver Pricing Plans and Policies
  • Real-Time Performance Management
  • On-Site Repairs in 48-72 Hours
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Support
  • Remote Proactive Monitoring
  • Automated Alerts to Andwell Connect Connect Support
  • Routine Network and Firmware Updates
  • Station Replacement if Needed